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Write For Us!

Are you a writer who is enthusiastic about the education world and want to present your skills? Edustoke Blog welcomes writers, bloggers, students, academicians, and anyone in general who has a passion for writing about educational topics. The ‘Write for Us’ section offers you a platform where you can showcase your writing and knowledge in the subject and convey your opinion to the people out there.

Guidelines to keep in mind:

Our blog aims at delivering high-quality content to our readers and therefore we follow some guidelines. Here are the things to know before you write for us!

Exchanging blog with follow links

For a blog exchange, the minimum DA (Domain Authority) for your website should be atleast 20. The website niche should be educational for us to publish a blog on your website in exchange for publishing your blog on our website.

Choosing the right topic

Education is a vast topic and covers infinite subjects and areas. And choosing the right topic can be a confusing job. Well, you can choose one of the following categories to write:

  • Boarding School
  • General
  • Learning and Development
  • News
  • Parenting
  • School
  • School Profile
  • School Reviews
  • Schooling

The ideal word count for your content

With the increased use of social media, the attention span of readers has drastically reduced, so it is better to avoid any lengthy container blogs. The content should be between 500 to 1000 words. We appreciate your time and efforts and therefore encourage you to write not too lengthy but informative articles. The article should be unique and should not be submitted anywhere else.

The title of the article

Give a catchy title to your article, it should define what your article is about. You can begin the title with a question, excitement, or a simple statement. Make sure it generates interest among the reader.

Make sure the content is copyright free

The article you submit should not be published or taken from any other website. We accept only original and copyright-free articles.

Restrict from using any unethical content

We do not promote any hate speech, political agendas, or anything controversial. The article should be from a neutral point of view. Please don’t include any immoral or unethical content in the content piece you send.

Guide for adding links to your blog

You can add a do-follow link to your article which should direct to a blog. Please don’t give links for any promotional stuff, commercial website or affiliate links.

Including images and videos

Images and Videos represent our ideas in an improved form making the content stand out, relevant and engaging. Include one or more high-quality images or videos that go with the content to help readers get a better understanding of your article.

How to submit your blog/article?

Before you send an article to us, it is better to get the topic approved by us.

Choose the topic about which you are interested in writing and mail it to us. If the topic will be relevant to our content and interesting enough, our content team will contact you.

Our content team will get in touch with you and inform further steps.

We accept the articles in Microsoft Word, so kindly avoid any other format like pdf.

Send a mail to [email protected] with the subject as “Guest Post/Write for Us

Topic and Category

The website link you want to add.

Our team will contact you regarding the further steps.