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With the rising trend of e-learning, many students and professional individuals prefer to have online educational websites to learn new skills. The educational sites offer flexible learning hours and various courses that you can study right from your remote zones. 

If you also want to upscale your skills and look for a way to fill the study gap, then join any of these educational websites and choose the best course. So, let’s read the sites’ reviews, pricing plans, and courses available. 

  1. Khan Academy (Personalized Learning with Interactive Quiz Session) 

Khan academy is a perfect educational platform for students of age 4-18 years old. The website is free for students and learners. They can learn courses like Physics, Math, Grammar, Biology, Economics, History, English, etc. High school and junior students can have free tests, SAT practice Courses, and question papers. 

Students can get an opportunity to learn from experts. Khan academy offers incredibly personalized learning sessions and a friendly learning environment for the students. The class setup is very easy, and the platform can integrate with Google Classroom quickly. 

Students and parents can choose the course from the dashboard. Users can also use the adaptive and analytical program to track the students’ progress. Moreover, students can leverage real-time reporting and stop the class in between. Small group discussion is also provided to the students to interact with other students. You can use this platform to enhance your skills and help students learn things creatively. 

Khan Academy- Khan Academy 

Pricing Plan- 100% free 

  1. FutureLearn (Ideal for high School Students)

FutureLearn is a great platform for high school students who want to upgrade their skills. The educational website is free for the students and offers flexible learning hours so that students can choose their learning hours on their own. On this platform, the learner can choose the following courses: 

  • Short Courses- Excellent for learning new skills with flexible learning hours. Endless courses are available to choose from. 
  • ExpertTracks- The course is excellent to up-skill yourself with a series of specialist courses provided by the professionals. 
  • Microcredentials- The course program benefits professionals who want to earn professional accreditation and academic certificates. 
  • Online Degrees- Students can study flexibly online to gain a professional degree. 

However, the platform offers subjects such as business management, creating art and media, history, IT & Computer science, nature & environment, science engineering, and math. This would be an excellent platform for the high school to advance learners.

FutureLearn- FutureLearn 

Pricing Plan- Lifetime access at just $279.99, and students can learn unlimited online courses. 

  • $13.99 per month and $27.99 for three months. 
  1. Coursera (Excellent for Professional Degree Courses) 

Coursera is one of the great e-learning programs that allow you to learn courses from a professor of elite schools such as Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, and professionals from Ivy League Schools. Most of the courses on this platform are free, and students can learn various topics such as C++, psychology, marketing, engineering, and many more. 

By learning this advanced course, students can explore better choices when they go for higher studies. The website is user-friendly, and students can also grab the shareable electronic course certificate. Most of the course includes recorded video sessions from the experts, peer-reviewed, auto-graded, community discussion forums, and assignments. 

Plus, the students can access unlimited courses and live projects to gain hands-on expertise. The platform offers the following things: 

  • Learn anything and any course of your interest
  • Flexible learning and choosing multiple courses 
  • Unlimited certificate course programs
  • Spend less money and get interactive learning programs of your choice
  • Choose different learning programs from 170+ specializations 

Coursera- Coursera

Pricing Plans- Coursera provides three pricing plan options to the students. 

7 days free trial available on monthly plans.

Single Learning Program– $47- $76.99per month (earn single credentials) 

Coursera plus Monthly- $57.49 per month (choose multiple credentials) 

Coursera Plus Annually (after discount) – $388.79  (flexible learning and long-term goals)

  1. edX (Most Preferable Online Learning Destination) 

The website is one of the preferable educational websites for the students because this website was founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012. This is an online learning destination where students can gain high-quality courses from the world’s best professionals of leading universities and biggest institutes. On this platform, students get to learn different courses from experts. 

edX provides 2500+ courses designed for professionals and high school students. Students also get to participate in various practice sessions, quizzes, and group discussions. You get engaging lectures and video sessions and dynamic graphics with the experts’ interactive learning sessions. Moreover, students have the freedom of learning, and the website has user-friendly designs so students can easily interact and choose different course programs. 

This platform provides an opportunity to unleash the potential of an online platform to gain an educational certificate with geographical barriers, and you get cost-effective study plans. With more than two dozen interactive learning features, the platform has been grounded in cutting-edge cognitive science to achieve your goals. 


Pricing Plans- The majority of courses are free. Other than this, you get three learning plans which are as follows: 

Essential Plan- Free (Access 150+ Courses) 

Starter Plan- $349 per month (Unlimited catalog access) 

Campus Plan- Customized pricing plans (scale learning across academic institutions) with extended features.

  1. Udemy (Most Affordable Courses) 

Udemy is a for-profit online educational site where students can learn more than 100,000+ high-quality on-demand online courses. You can find thousands of professionals on this platform to study various courses online. Whether you want to learn Python, IT courses, or engineering and healthcare courses, you get the right course to upgrade your skills. 

This platform offers an easy online learning program with video tutorials from the world’s leading professors and experts. The interactive learning environment and flexible education help learners to join any course and study online from their remote zones. 

Some of the courses are available for free whereas some are paid and that too at affordable rates. Every month, new course programs are published on this platform so students can choose the desired course. eCertificate will be provided to the students after the completion of the courses. The certificates show credibility and help learners grab a successful job in their respective companies. 

Business development, designing, marketing, It & software, program languages, personal development, etc., you get the course for your needs right from this platform. 

Udemy- Udemy 

Pricing Plans- Udemy offers three pricing plans for the students, which are as follows:

Basic Plan- The basic plan start from $29 per month

Intermediate Plan- starts from $69 per month 

Pro Plan- starts from $99 per month 

Bottom Line 

Choosing the right educational sites can help improve your skills and get a better opportunity to gain a high-pay scale job. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to use your spare time. 

The listed education offered here offers you the best course, including Python, C++, and any other that you want to learn. Some of the courses are available for free as well on these sites. Last but not least, you get an opportunity to learn from the professionals in an interactive learning environment. 

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita writes about the education ecosystem on Edustoke. She is a Computer Applications graduate from Lucknow University, and is passionate about the world of pedagogy and emerging technologies. She is working in Content development sphere from 2+ years and looks forward to gain valuable experience in the same.

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