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Boarding school education impacts the development of students in a remarkable manner. From a child’s academics, to personality, it enhances every quality that turns children into all rounded individuals. Although boarding schools have existed along the timeline of traditional (gurukuls) and modern education, the new age boarding schools have something exceptional to offer. The following content piece addresses how the new age boarding schools in India are redefining the education ecosystem. 

The new age boarding schools

India is home to some of the finest boarding schools enforcing a nurturing residential schooling environment. This includes both legacy institutions more than a century old and boarding schools less than a decade old. The legacy residential schools have years of experience and have evolved through time. They carry the traditional heritage along with the modern learning values. When it comes to new age boarding schools, they are structured according to modern needs of education. Since their inception is recent, it is easier for them to introduce modern pedagogy and approaches. Along the same, their curriculum, infrastructure is designed keeping the 21st century learning incorporating modern tech enabled amenities. 

How are new age boarding schools redefining the education system?

The new age boarding schools in Dehradun have some distinctive features that ensure students are directed towards the right approach of learning. Here are some of them helping them redefine the education ecosystem:

Modern infrastructure: The new age boarding institutions have modern infrastructure built to fulfill the needs of pedagogy. With a state of the art architecture, they include adequate facilities to empower education. The key infrastructure facilities include spacious and tech enabled classrooms, well equipped laboratories, fully stocked library, reading room, AV room, indoor and outdoor playground and green area. 

Updated curriculum: Another distinctive feature of new age residential schools is following an advanced curriculum. These schools follow a curriculum that addresses 21st century pedagogy emphasizing practical and activity based learning. The syllabus is not entirely based on conventional methods of pen and paper based examination and evaluation. But involves innovative learning approaches, quizzes and forms of teaching that boost creativity and inquisitiveness.  

Global education: The present education demands students to be prepared for the future opportunities and challenges on a global scale. And global education emphasizes this skill. With exchange programmes, international diversity and international standard pedagogy makes schooling at these new age boarding institutions unique and worthy. 

Green campus: The best boarding schools in India consider global warming and environment conservation as a major concern and therefore follow construct a campus considering these factors. This includes taking measures about energy conservation, producing green power on campus, reducing waste and more. They support global sustainability and are constructed with the view of making the world a healthier and better place. 

Comfortable boarding: Gone are the days when boarding schools were considered an epitome of struggle and strictness. Over time, the residential schools have progressed to offer a home-like environment to students where they can easily adjust. The vital facilities like best in class dormitories, quality food, medical amenities, game rooms etc. ensure students don’t feel homesick.  

Advance sports: Sports facilities are an important part of Dehradun boarding schools. These new age institutions offer advanced sports facilities along with expert, dedicated coaches to ensure students have the right alignment towards sports too. 

Co curricular enhancement: Along with the best academic and sports facilities, these schools focus on organizing clubs, competitions, events, cultural programs etc. that boost the spirit of creativity and give students space to think beyond classroom walls. 

What are some of the best new age boarding schools in India?

Parents can find preeminent new age boarding schools in India, a few of them include:

Isha Home School


Establishment Year : 2005

Pathways World School Aravali

Board : IB PYP, MYP & DYP

Establishment Year : 2003

Sarala Birla Academy


Establishment Year : 2004

Unison World School


Establishment Year : 2007

The International School Bangalore

Board : IB,IGCSE

Establishment Year : 2000

Sai International School

Board : CBSE

Establishment Year : 2008

The Aga Khan Academy

Board : IB

Establishment Year : 2011

The Sanskaar Valley School

Board : ICSE

Establishment Year : 2006

Swaminarayan Gurukul International School

Board : CBSE,State Board

Establishment Year : 2006

Doon International School Riverside Campus

Board : CBSE

Establishment Year : 2015

Sharanya Narayani International School


Establishment Year : 2015

Boarding school education is considered an all inclusive one that builds holistic individuals who have the ability to transform the world and become leaders. Unlike traditional schools, they follow the modern approach of learning and teaching and thereby are redefining the education ecosystem of India. 

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita writes about the education ecosystem on Edustoke. She is a Computer Applications graduate from Lucknow University, and is passionate about the world of pedagogy and emerging technologies. She is working in Content development sphere from 2+ years and looks forward to gain valuable experience in the same.

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