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We are at the dawn of 2021, ready to welcome the next year with open hands. The year was indeed filled with ups and downs, the second Covid wave, lockdown, everything was a lot to go through. Amidst the chaos, the education sector had to face a huge challenge given the circumstances, management, and resources. Here are a few milestones and changes the K12 Education sphere witnessed in 2021:

Implementation of New Education Policy

New Education Policy was finally approved in 2020 that replaced the 34-year-old education system with some needful reforms. The major change in the education policy is the replacement of the 10+2 curriculum with a 5+3+3+4 approach. This states that students should have 12 years of school education preceded by 3 years of preschool learning or Anganwadi. Besides this, there were several other statements regarding the regulation, vocational education, holistic development, etc mentioned in the policy changes to improve the present education system. 2021 saw some educational institutions implementing and adapting to the New Education Policy Changes. Karnataka was the first state to implement the policy from the academic year 2021-22. 

Online classes and the digital divide

Among the lockdowns and curfews, schools were shut down for a very long time. Online classes were the only medium to continue the learning process. But it had several challenges because of the economic gap. Most of the students in India cannot afford a mobile device and internet connection. Because of these reasons, a large population of students couldn’t attend online classes or their parents had to make huge efforts to do the same. However, many initiatives were taken to help students be able to arrange online classes, the digital divide affected the learning space. 

Changed pattern(CBSE and CISCE)

In the view of elevated covid cases, the closing of schools and online classes education boards changed their pattern to lessen the burden of study on students. Both CISCE and CBSE board divided the academic year into two semesters with board exams being held two times a year. The paper pattern for Term I was designed to have objective questions whereas Term II will be focused on subjective questions. The result of the whole year is supposed to be the combined performance of students in both Terms I and Term II examinations. 

Reopening of schools

After the covid upsurge, the schools were the first to be closed. After the second wave of recovery, circumstances started becoming better and shops, malls, and offices started coming back to their pace. Following the traction, schools were also given the green flag to start offline classes. So, students were finally able to attend school offline with all precautions. But the offline classes were not made compulsory but optional, and henceforth the classes are running in hybrid mode. 

2021 was a year where people saw hard times and yet supported each other to come out stronger and better. But this all made us realize how important human lives are and people can face any pandemic with combined efforts. The K12 Education indeed suffered in-between all the happenings, but the solutions ensured children got the right learning environment. 2022 is already here and we hope the year brings a sweet beginning for everyone. Find the Best CBSE Schools in Chandigarh at Edustoke.

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita writes about the education ecosystem on Edustoke. She is a Computer Applications graduate from Lucknow University, and is passionate about the world of pedagogy and emerging technologies. She is working in Content development sphere from 2+ years and looks forward to gain valuable experience in the same.

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