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Technology Tips for Preschool Parents

There are times when we often think that ‘How I wish my child was not addicted to my phone’ or ‘How I wish my child would spend more time playing those board games like how we did.’. Children today are extremely inclined towards the electronic gadgets which are undoubtedly more attractive and colorful from either their toys or books. The vibrant multimedia in the games gives them a visual pleasure that takes their precious hours and gives them back strenuous eyes. No matter how much ever we try to keep them away from the phones, TV or the smart tabs, the more they are tempted to swipe those screen with their tiny fingers. Researchers have proved that mere 2 minutes of talking or activity with phone can cause severe damage to a child’s brain causing irreparable damage like tumors, disturbed brain activity and lack of average concentration during higher learning. The gadgets act like slow poison on the tender minds which restrain the production of Melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep/wake cycle or Circadian rhythm. World Health Organisation considers mobile phones as “Possible Human Carcinogen” which causes hazardous effects on health like brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease, heart and Alzheimer’s disease and even stroke.


When we parents wish to give our child just the best of the best, avoiding electronic gadgets could be seriously considered as a better option. But it all starts when we take help of our smart phones to feed the kids when they are babies, give them our phones to play games to shoo away their boredom and when we have some work to be completed and we consider the phone as a safe and better option for their pastime. The blame is definitely on the parents who unknowingly push their children into this dreadful pool of diversion.

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Technology doesn’t always have bad effects. As the old folklore goes that “Too much Good can result in being bad” – anything or any practice must be well administered as to not exceeding its suggested limits. Phones and Tabs are one of the most cutting edge inventions of the century. These have eased many such difficulties which were beyond doable before. It is because of these smart gadgets, that we are leading a life of ease and amaze. So it is upto us to utilize these wonderful creations in a recommended limits to enjoy a life where science goes hand in hand with good health.

Here are some of the tips for all those parents of preschoolers to put these digital devices in to best use with their toddlers:

Search for alternatives:

book reading

Instead of gifting them with an E-Book reader, gift them your time to read out their favourite bedtime story. Take help of your parents i.e. the child’s grandparents to animate a fable or an old poem in an attractive way rather than always asking your child to let you finish your work. This method is much encouraging to the children to start becoming a book lover. Reading a hard copy of a book is much more satisfying than swiping away screens.

Attractive Activities:


Introduce your child to some really attractive children’s activity like building blocks, little mechanic kit or even a baking/kitchen set. These imaginary games will increase their creativity and helps in retention of knowledge in the long run. Fantasy games will gift your children with by-products of mental stress and digital addiction. But playing with skill toys with their friends teaches them the aspects of sharing, giving and understanding. The better interaction and a low key on being an introvert come as a bonus with these practices.

Make Rules:


It would be unfair to ask your child not to touch her tab at all when she sees all her friends talking about the latest games or some fun applications which are a buzz. The child may feel bit outdated when compared to the peers who wear a cap of Digital Swag and who are well informed about the latest digital trends. This is the time when you can ask your little one to make him/her understand the bad effects of these on their health. How can this be done? By making simple rules like ‘No using phone for more than 15 minutes’ or asking them to run in the ground for double the time they spend on tabs/phones. This will make them understand from a tender age and will definitely appreciate your concern one day.

Putting Technology For Better Use:

good use ipad

Tabs/phones are not bad. Just that the duration of which has to be monitored as everything good in this world will have its own set of bad attached to it. Spend time with your child and help them understand all those better things for which a phone or a tab could be used. Like learning phonetic syllables through videos, talking to the grandparents who stay away with life like video calling, listening to songs and rhymes which are fun to learn etc. It all depends on how we serve the platter.

Watch Yourself:

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Asking your son to stop playing Temple Run when you are continuously binge playing Candy Crush? How unfair! Kids, especially the preschoolers follow and imitate the elders at home. It is extremely wrong to scold your child when you yourself succumb to the fun and charm of the gadgets. It is always advisable to follow what you preach when it comes to bringing up children. You reap what you sow, you see what you show. Be an idol for your child who would look up to you as an example. Dictating the child something which you never follow will confuse the children and later leads to the clash of views. Spend quality time with your children. Give them wings of faith and creativity to fly high in their imaginative world.

spending time

Constant spending time with your little wonders will also help you push out that urge in them to spend time with their virtual mates. The more you spend time the less attention they crave from you. Indulge your kids in some other activities and keep them busy the whole day. Once they are back from their school take them out and enroll them in some fun yet healthy activities like dance, swimming or chess classes which will keep them occupied and busy to even think about touching your phone lying next to them.

Studies say that kids from age 2 to 6 are so high on their grasping ability, that the traits, knowledge and the skill they learn during this span will remain with them till a lifetime or hold a major chunk of responsibility in shaping up the person who they would once they are grown-ups. Early learning should include some positive elements like better language abilities, effective logical thinking and improving motor skills. These will happen only by a proper parenting and a valuable adult supervision which includes less electronic inclination.

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