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The uncertainty pertaining to board exams and results, cancellation or conducting them has been creating mayhem for a long time.  While it might have seemed that the government has been involved in more than a handful of matters concerning national importance, the CBSE & ICSE board exams and results were definitely one of them.

writing exams

According to sources it can be happily accepted that no exams are going to be conducted in July. Be it left over papers for 12th standard and 10th standard or even supplementary after announcement of results. One is sure that students are not stepping out in July in order to write papers of any sort. So what happens to the results? How will they be calculated?

The Ministry of HRD has been receiving requests from state governments across the country to not have students move out of their homes in July. Besides with the uncertainty and frequent re-alignment of containment zones, having students conveniently step out of home on the day of exam is also not looking like a possibility. Several schools have also been identified as COVID19 centres.

Given all these concerns coupled with student anxieties and apprehensions, the decision on conducting exams and declaring the result soon has been finally taken.

The results will be calculated in different manners for different categories of students.

Category 1

Students who have given all papers or more than 5 need not appear for any exam. Their result will be calculated on the basis of these exams written.

Category 2

Students, who have written 4 papers and were to attempt the others, will get marks on the left out 5th paper on the basis of the best 3 exams. So an average of the best 3 exams written will be calculated as the marks obtained in the 4th paper.

Category 3

Students, who have written 3 papers and were to attempt the others, will get marks on the left out 4th paper on the basis of the best 2 exams. So an average of the best 2 exams written will be calculated as the marks obtained in the 4th paper.

Category 4

Students from certain parts of Delhi who could not write some exams owing to riots will be given results on the basis of internals and practical assignments. They will also be given an option to attempt these exams again when they occur as supplementary to improve their performance if required.

Results and exams

All results will be declared by the 15th of July and the dates to appear for the supplementary exams will be declared thereafter if the situations are conducive.

This announcement has surely given a sigh of relief to most CBSE students. Now will ICSE also follow this pattern or will they devise another strategy is what we are hoping to understand soon. 



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