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The 21st century world needs not just hard work but smart work too. The preparation for entrance exams is never easy. From a lengthy syllabus to a huge competition, preparing for any one of them requires rigorous efforts, right guidance and smart work. For students to get into a good college after school, the right preparation strategy is needed right from the school years. The following content pieces addresses how students can prepare for competitive exams with school:

Know the exam first!

But before one starts preparing for an exam, one needs to know the domain they are going into. Here is the list of entrance exams for respective streams and careers:

Major entrance exams after School

  • Engineering: JEE
  • Medical: NEET, AIIMS
  • Bachelor of Science: NEST, IIT JAM, JEST
  • Accounting and Commerce: ICWAI, ICSI, ICAI
  • Designing: NID, NIFT 
  • Mass Communication: IIMC, JMI, XIC- OET
  • Hospitality: NCHMCT JEE
  • Agriculture: ICAR AIEEA
  • Foreign Universities: SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, LSAT, MCAT

Once the student has decided the entrance exams they are going for, they can start off with the syllabus. It is better to refer to the official sites of conducting bodies to get the right syllabus rather than referring to any third party websites. 

For the preparation part, the students have two options. They can either opt for self preparation or get enrolled into a preparation course. While self study is also a good option, managing school studies without any guidance can make things tough. Here are a few ways how students can prepare for competitive exams with school.

How to prepare for competitive exams with school?

Joining courses to prepare 

There are various institutes that offer courses for competitive exam preparation after school hours. This way, students can attend both school and competitive exam classes. However, managing the studies for both can be a little tiresome in the beginning. However, with effective time management, students can balance both. These courses can be both online and offline. 

Courses in Day Schools

Another way of getting enrolled in a competitive exam course is along with the school. There are many schools who have a tie up with coachings who teach students within the school campus. In such a setting, half of the school hours are dedicated to the school syllabus and the rest to the competitive exam syllabus. 

Preparation in Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools are known to provide students with the best environment for holistic development. Boarding schools can serve as the right place to prepare for competitive exams with self preparation as well as if the student is preparing by taking a preparation course. Some boarding schools also offer competitive exam preparation facilities. Some of the best boarding schools in India offering competitive exam preparation are:

10 Tips to prepare for competitive exams with self preparation

If the student is opting for self preparation, he needs to adapt discipline and consistency. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Prepare a proper schedule for study.
  2. Divide the course into parts and then prepare. 
  3. Give time to revision and practicing.
  4. Solve topic wise and full length mock tests.
  5. Stay away from distractions.
  6. Take small breaks while studying for better memory retention.
  7. Use the free resources by institutes like lectures and tests.
  8. Refer to YouTube for studying complex topics but always refer to genuine channels.
  9. Join a discussion forum for doubt solving.
  10. Don’t be stressed and believe in yourself. 

The students who are opting for any additional course should also follow these tips as only practice, consistency and dedication can help anyone ace the competitive exam successfully. All the best!

Edustoke can help you find not just the best boarding schools in Karnataka for your child but also the best coaching and courses to enroll in for competitive exam preparation. Stay tuned for more!

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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