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Vacations are soon expected to end. The children would be starting their new academic year soon. New class, new teacher and lots of new concepts to learn. Children will be all excited to flaunt their crisp new uniforms coupled with a new pair of shiny school shoes. They would be all beaming with pride to enter the whole new age of a promoted class – with a bag full of wrapped aromatic new books.

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Then there is a category of some newly admitted kids who wear a lost expression, craving for some known face. Being grumpy about their parents for changing their school; these kids often find themselves in a very mazy junction of 10 or odd crossroads. Changing the school or admitting your kid to a school for the first time or relocating your place from one city to another. All these situations will land up parents in such a situation which makes them think of all those important points which they might have to consider before admitting to a particular school.

School is one place where memories are made. A school plays an important role in any child’s life as they treasure so many experiences with them to share it with their upcoming generations. So choosing a school is as important as choosing the right ingredient for a signature dish. One small mistake can prove a mishap. So careful observation and inspection are necessary while considering a school for their child. Let us make your life easy. Here is a checklist to let know about all those necessary detailing you would have to be particular about. Thinking about these will help you come out successfully out of the admission labyrinth.

What Makes A School – The Best School


  1. The Proximity: Imagine you have a school in your mind. No matter how good it is, how glorious are its alumni. It is as well important for you to understand that if the school you are being positive about is pretty far from your location, then better to drop the dreams you are weaving of that one. More the distance calls in for spending more time on the commute. The farther the distance, earlier would be the pickup time of your child which would range from some crazy early hours of the day. Is it necessary to mention that your child will come home late as well? Let that good time be proactively used productively elsewhere. An after-school hobby class or an extra 10 minutes of playtime. Time extremes will mess up their biological clock which might hamper their concentration at school.


  1. The Campus: Many people are still under a traditional belief that ‘the campus hardly plays an important role. Children will study wherever they want if they are guided in the right way.’ This assumption must be considered negative at some point. A clean, green, well lit and well-structured campus can aid the child’s focus towards better learning. A better campus ensures a better turn out of students each day who would love to sit with their friends for lunch at the park and enjoy some giggle time with their buddies in the library. Facilities may be exhibited like a commodity by the schools, but those facilities are finally put into good use by their own students reaping benefits from those. The campus must constitute as a comfortable as well as a ‘safe’ environment where the child possesses no fear and the parents too can send their children with no traces of any worry.


  1. The Curriculum: How will you choose the best show for your child? Making them squeeze their feet into a smaller one or giving them ill fit shoes to get them more uncomfortable? Choosing a curriculum is as important as choosing the right pair of shoes. Shoes too loose can dangle from feet; if tight can bruise their toes. Similarly, know what your child wants than compared to what you need. Switching the board back and forth will cause more harm than switching schools. Consult with a good education counsellor or do some better research on different kinds of curriculum. When choosing a school, know what best the school offers with that curriculum they follow. Know more about their pedagogy and practices.

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  1. The Ratio: According to Indian Government rules, a student teacher ration should ideally be 30:1 for primary and can be 35:1 for the upper primary levels. Make sure that the school adhere to this rule. Lesser the students, more would the attention be. The teacher will have ample energy to spend on all the kids uniformly with this prescribed ratio. More students can take the class haywire with significantly less productive activities being conducted.

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  1. The Faculty: Look out for various sources to check the professionalism of the faculty of the school you wish to get your child admitted to. Well qualified teachers, skilled support staff or even the well-trained concierge desk. A school runs successfully only by the people in it. It is always cordial, transparent and healthy coordination between the school management committee and the parents that constitute a reputation of any prestigious school.

Therefore, a well-established school must contain the above qualities in equal proportions to make it one of the most trustworthy organisations, where parents would never think twice to get their children admitted to.


Old School Vs New School – Edustoke




Principal partner - BaseKamp Rahul has over 18 years of business & operations experience in the education domain. He is committed to bringing positive change to the education ecosystem merging improved learning with financial viability for all stakeholders. Rahul has been responsible for setting up K - 12 schools as well as vocational learning centres for premier education institutions like Aptech, EuroKids, iDiscoveri & Sesame Street. He has built a sustainable franchisee network and robust channel management. As a principal partner of Basekamp he brings entrepreneurial zeal & hands-on experience of building and raising projects successfully right from scratch. Rahul is a post-graduate in Business Management and certified in Business Environment & Strategic Management from IIT Delhi.

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Thank you for sharing detailed information about top schools! Keep sharing such kind of information that helps us to choose the best school.

vikramjeet singh

Well said ! Every parents wants good school for their children where students can be taught in a nicest manner . I know one school where my children are admitted . I was also worried as every parent , and I visited many schools to see whether they are best or not for my children , at last Someone told me visit Modern school ECNCR , when i visited the school i found it best , their facilities , their faculty made me fascinated . Its been 3 years i have see the credible change in my children . If… Read more »