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It is that time of the year when the child is 2 or 3, the parents get eager to get their little ones to the preschool. Preschool embarks their journey into their learning years. The doting parents find all those possible best preschools near their residence or their workplace which is close by at an accessible distance. The parents usually look out for a hygienic and safe place which promises a better growing up environment for the love of their life. But there are few other things which a parent will usually miss out on. They either overlook them or never have any idea about certain points which may create a bigger impact on their little ones.


Preschool is not just about having good teachers, clean chairs and floors or secured indoors. There are few other factors which only a keen observer or a professional can usually think of. Here we are giving you some of the important points to consider in preschool which would be considered as not so important by the parents.

  • Language or the communication ability of the teachers/support staff:

Why? You may ask… but isn’t it so obvious that when the kids can grasp the accent and language from parents, the same would be done with the adults at the other environment where kids generally spend a good share of their day? Make sure that you strike a quick conversation with everyone in that school. A cuss word sounds interesting to a child than an act of kindness, as the other one brightens up their curious minds than their usual routine. How to spot this? Give more than 2 visits to the preschools you are finalizing on. Keep a check on the way the teachers teach the kids. Take a look on how the support staff gets the child to be potty trained. These intricate details can help you decide with a relief. Strange thing to observe? Well nothing is more important than your child right?

preschool activities

  • The Game and the game changers:

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato. Games are innate in children for whom learning at the initial stage only happens when there is some game or playing involved. The teachers could be the game changer in a child’s life who will engage the kids by applying the creative techniques to teach those concepts which are prescribed in the Preschool syllabus in a given curriculum. Mere teaching ABC or 123 will fetch no interest, but playing hopscotch with numbers in them or singing and enacting the ABC rhyme with pictures and charts on the wall can help then to gain a better understanding in their own distinct style. The learning is all about making the concepts and the curriculum come alive with various lively activities.



  • Serious about not being serious:

It is usual Indian tendency to be happy to see their children write and read as soon as they start learning. This is due to the kind of pressure they have from the society to be the better child than the best. Competition is so prevalent that it takes away the childhood from a child. Go easy on making your child a productive one. Make your child a proactive person who actively involves in learning skills and not delivering results. Making them aware of the concepts than being pushed to learn the contents of the curriculum is the factor than can change the entire process of effective learning for your child. Look for a Preschool which makes the child learn some basic concepts like watering the plants to keep them alive, cleaning the dirty hands to be free from diseases or things like saying ‘please’ before telling ‘I want’.

These small things can pave the way for a better learning capability once they reach the regular day school setup. It is the difference between teaching them to concentrate better through team activities than asking them to pay attention to the teacher in the class.

Technology tips for Preschool parents

Any preschool will make an attempt to get the best out of each child, which is exactly what each parent expects to. But what the child actually needs is attention and care. Giving utmost attention and unconditional love which is infused with simple concepts and joyful learning, a preschool learning will then reach a successful completion.



Writer at Edustoke and Spectrum An educationist who enjoys delivering lessons through creative strategies. Urvashi enjoys art and story narrations. Post her B.Com and MBA she also obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education She currently works as the Curriculum Coordinator-Noida for Klay Preschools and Daycare – Founding years learning solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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