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We are an institution of academic excellence, teaching and leading our students to build strong character and intellectual competence, to assume proactive leadership roles as global citizens. Our Objective is to create a positive teaching and learning atmosphere with the motto “Learning Everyday, Loving Every Minute.” To foster an attitude of “learning for life, not just for school” and forge real-life connections with curriculum.To provide enriching, empowering and exploratory experiences for the harmonious development of our student’s mind and body.To develop student's multiple intelligence through a blueprint for brilliance, with a scientifically designed curriculum and a faculty trained to impart brain compatible pedagogy.To inculcate a scientific temperament and a spirit of enquiry in young minds with critical thinking skills.To nurture creativity through exposure to culture and arts (visual, literary and performing) in multicultural settings. To imbibe universal human values and foster character building among our students to assume leadership & social responsibility. To develop life skills required to face social challenges with confidence, self-discipline, etiquette, personal resilience, and healthy physical fitness. To provide opportunities for cooperative synergy and collaboration with mutual respect for diversity and open-mindedness. To forge close inter-connectivity between the school, students, parents and the community to think globally and act locally as partners in education. The School is located Somajiguda, Hyderabad.


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Key Information

    • CCTV : Yes
    • AC Classes : Yes
    • Entry Age : 2Years
    • 1st Shift Time : 05:30 AM to 05:30 AM
    • Meals : No
    • Day Care : Yes
    • Teaching Methodology : Multiple Intelligence
    • Student Teacher Ratio : 10:1
    • Transportation : No
    • Outdoor Sports : Yes
    • Minimum Age : 2Years
    • Maximum Age : 6Years
    • Teaching Method : Multiple Intelligence (Glendale Academy imparts a blueprint for brilliance for its students with a scientifically designed curriculum and faculty trained to impart brain compatible methodology. Every aspect of learning, and the conscious experience, is connected to the way in which the brain processes information and experience)

Fee Details

Fee Structure
  • Annual Fees: ₹ 120000
  • Admission Fees : ₹ 75000
  • Security Fees : ₹ 10000

Admission Details

Admission Process

At Glendale, we conduct a Competence Assessment Quiz (CAQ) 


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