List of IB Schools in Surat 2025-2026

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Annual Fees ₹1,40,000
Board IB
Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Nursery - 12

Expert Comment: Fountainhead School is affiliated to the International Baccalaureate and was founded in 2008. The school has quickly emerged as a game changer and is today touted as one of the leading schools in the country. The bond between the students and teachers is the principal source of something great which can only be achieved when it is a collaborative effort.... Read more

11.33 KM
Annual Fees ₹1,35,000
Board IB, IB, IB
Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Nursery - 7
11.55 KM
Annual Fees ₹30,000
Board CBSE, IB
Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Nursery - 12

Expert Comment: P P SAVANI CHAITANYA VIDYA is a CBSE-accredited institution. The school is defining its parameters and limiting knowledge to academics, while carving out personalities for the next generation of responsible and ideal Indian citizens and nurturing the next generation's most creative and innovative leaders. The school's mission is to give its students the best education possible while also cultivating a love of learning in them.... Read more

12.22 KM

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