List of Boarding Schools in Faridabad - Fees, Reviews, Admission

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Boarding Schools in Faridabad, Vidsan Charterhouse, Sector 93, Faridabad, Faridabad, Faridabad
6.8 Km
504000 / Year
Vidsan Charterhouse

Sector 93, Faridabad

  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : IGCSE,IB
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 2006
  • page managed by school stamp
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Boarding Schools in Faridabad, Alpine Valley Boarding School, Village Karnera, Old Sohna Road, Via Samaypur Ballabgarh, Karnera, Faridabad
11.8 Km
285920 / Year
Alpine Valley Boarding School

Village Karnera, Old Sohna Road, Via Samaypur Ballabgarh

  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : CBSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 10
  • Establishment Year : 1993
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Boarding Schools in Faridabad, Heritage Global School,  Dhauj, Sohna Road, Alawalpur, Faridabad
13.5 Km
250000 / Year
Heritage Global School

Dhauj, Sohna Road

  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : CBSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 2014
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Boarding Schools in Faridabad, Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya, Vasundhara,Bhupani- Lalpur Road, Dhadar, Faridabad
8.2 Km
120000 / Year
Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya

Vasundhara,Bhupani- Lalpur Road

  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : CBSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 1989
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List of Best & Top Schools in Faridabad brings to you an exhaustive list of schools in Faridabad City with complete details like admission process, fee structure, admission forms and admission timing. Get details like locality, school infrastructure and affiliation to boards like CBSE ,ICSE ,State board ,International board or International baccalaureate affiliated schools in Faridabad.

Schools List in Faridabad

Apart of the national capital territory, Faridabad is one of the largest industrial centres in Haryana and also its most populous state. Due to Rapid Industrialization the city has seen huge population growth and owing to its proximity to the NCR there is huge demand for quality education in Faridabad city. To meet the need of genuine and authenticated information about schools, Edustoke compiles qualitative list of schools in Faridabad to aid parents in their school search.

Faridabad Schools Search Made Easy

Normally parents visit each school in their nearby locality to collect forms, check how the school performs in terms of amenities and also know about fee details. With Edustoke school listing, all that is needed is to log on to and get an exhaustive list of details about any school in Faridabad. From a single place search about medium of instruction, school affiliation and other information.

List of Top Rated Faridabad Schools

All the Faridabad schools listed at Edustoke follows various criteria. Actual rating and reviews, location of school from residences, school amenities and quality of teaching staff forms some of the rating criteria.

Name, Address, Contact Details of Schools in Faridabad

Parents can also note down the school address details, contact of the school authorities and also contact support team to help and guide them in admission process.

Online Search, Selection & Admissions to Boarding and Residential Schools in India

Discover over 1000 Boarding & Residential schools in India. No Need to meet any agent or visit school expo. Search the Best Boarding schools using location, fees, reviews, facilities, Sports Infrastructure, Results, Boarding Options, Food & more. Select from Boys Boarding Schools, Girls Boarding Schools, Popular Boarding schools, CBSE Boarding Schools, ICSE Boarding School, International Boarding Schools or Gurukul Boarding Schools. Find from popular locations like Dehradun Boarding Schools, Mussorie Boarding Schools, Bangalore Boarding Schools, Panchgani boarding school, Darjeeling boarding schools & Ooty Boarding schools. Apply online & pay registration Fee Online. Seek admissions information online for popular schools like St.Paul’s Darjeeling, Assam Vallye School, Doon Global School, Mussorie International School, Ecole Global School & more.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Can I visit Boarding School in Faridabad before admission of my kids?

Yes you can. In fact, you must. Unlike a day school, your child would live in the boarding school and any parent would want to make sure that their child in a safe secure hygienic and comfortable place which would be instrumental in his mental and physical development.

2. How much do boarding schools cost in Faridabad?

Annual fee range, for boarding schools, is very wide. Privately run and managed boarding can have an annual fee for junior class (grade 5 or less) as low as 1 lakh per annum and goes all way to 20 lakhs per annum. Besides annual fee, there are additional costs such as travel and other expenses, which again vary enormously from school to school. A school with a fee of 1 Lakh per annum, generally, can provide only very basic boarding lodging facilities. At the other end schools charging 10 Lakhs and above usually provide the best possible boarding and lodging facilities, usually multiple curriculum choices and a very wide variety of sports. However, we should be mention that annual fee is not necessarily a good indicator of school's overall quality (it is only a reasonable indicator of infrastructure provided). It is however reasonable to expect that, with good boarding and lodging ample sports facilities and good teachers a school would have to charge somewhere between 4 to 8 lakhs to meet all expenses.

3. Which is the best boarding school in Faridabad?

There are several institutions that can lay claim to that title and there would be no name or list of the best which cannot be contested, and spark debate or controversy. Many ranking and awards that have come up lately (and more get added to the list each year) which publish raking across multiple categories (and categories also increase every year to accommodate more and more schools) which offer some insights, however there no neutral independent entity with no commercial relations with schools that exists to definitely pass best and worst school judgement with any objectivity.

While we all agree that some schools do a better job than others, in India, which has 1500+ boarding schools, finding the best one could across all parameters would not only be very difficult it may be impossible. So each set of parents have to find the best one which suits their needs and aspirations. Some things that a parent must keep in mind:

i) Budget:

Don’t go overboard, there is little correlation between expense and output desired.

ii) Academic output:

Ask for past three years results if you want an academic rigorous environment.

iii) Look at infra in detail and objectively:

There are certain sports and activities which appear attractive on paper but have very little value practically.

4. What are the benefits of attending a boarding school in Faridabad?

Boarding schools offer some unique developmental opportunities not available in day schools to the same extent. Boarding school students invariably turn out to be more independent, more self-confident have better social skills. Children from diverse backgrounds living together in a boarding school, are exposed to much wider set experiences which community day schools rarely have. Boarding schools have a 24X7 curriculum which gives them ability to include far more activities and events in the school calendar leading to better overall development including leadership qualities. Sports and outdoor activities are an integral part of the day, something city day schools struggle to provide.