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Published by Rohit Malik on 1st March 2020
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Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, Pathways World School Aravali, Off Gurugram Sohna Road, Gangani, Gurugram
16.4 Km
10 Lac / Year

Pathways World School Aravali


  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : IB
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 2003
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Expert Comment : A beautiful countryside campus in Gurgaon, spread across 34 acres of land. The first IB school to find its way to the northern part of the country, Pathways World School established their first branch in the year 2003. Pathways World School, offers both day and residential boarding. The option of weekly or term boarding is also available. Catering to the needs of students over 35 nationalities Pathways has created a supportive and positive environment to nurture its students.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, G. D. Goenka World School, G.D. Goenka Education City,Sohna-Gurgaon Road,Sohna, Sohna Rural, Gurugram
21.8 Km
790630 / Year

G. D. Goenka World School


  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : IB,IGCSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 1994
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Expert Comment : The GD Goenka World School is conveniently located, with the center of Gurgaon at a 5 km distance on the Sohna Road. Backed by the Goenka group under the able guidance of Smt Gayatri Devi Goenka, the school is aimed at providing excellent IB education to students from all acrss the globe. The GDGWS offers a fully air-conditioned boarding facility, away from the noise and pollution of the city, with wide open lush green spaces and multiple playing fields.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, Excelsior American School, Sector 43, behind Dell building, DLF Garden Villas,Sector 43, Gurugram
6.1 Km
634000 / Year

Excelsior American School



  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : IB,IGCSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 2006
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Expert Comment : Located in the heart of the buzzing city Gurugram on the golf course road, this magnificent international school is one of the oldest and most admired schools in the city. The beautifully designed 5 acre campus has a boarding facility and ample space for a variety of sports and co-curricular activities. Providing excellent education through the IGCSE, Cambridge and IB programme in the primary and secondary years, the early years philosophy is based on Montessori. The Excelsior American school campus utilises solar-powered technology with safely integrated installations of solar panel systems across campus roofs.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, Lancers International School, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, DLF Phase 5,Sector 53, Gurugram
6.8 Km
612500 / Year

Lancers International School



  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : IB,IGCSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 12
  • Establishment Year : 2009
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Expert Comment : Lancers International School was founded in the year 2009 with the belief in the individuality of each student. Located in the heart of the city, on the gold course road, this school allows easy accessibility from all neighboring areas. The entire campus is spread over a spacious area with proper security all around. The hostel facilities at the institute are one of the best in the country. It ensures appropriate modes of development, growth and learning within the students residing here. Under the charge of the dorm parent, the students here feel at home and live together as a family. The amenities at the institute are world-class with a lounge at each floor where the students can discuss and study together. The dining facilities are also great, with special care offered to prepare a well balanced and nutritious meal to all students residing here.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, Vedas International School, Sohna- Ballabhgarh Road, Sohna (Near Toll Plaza), Gurgaon, Gurugram
25.5 Km
365000 / Year

Vedas International School


  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : CBSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 10
  • Establishment Year : -2016
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Expert Comment : Vedas International, was established in the year 2016 as a CBSE boarding school with the aim of providing learning facilities that are tailored for the holistic development of young minds. The focus here is not only resting on academics but also extracurricular and sporting excellence. Student life at the boarding school in Gurgaon is a rich and vibrant experience, striving to provide a balance between academic and social well-being.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon, G D Goenka High School, G.D. Goenka High School, G.D. Goenka Education City, Gurugram-Sohna Road, Sohna-122103, Haryana, India, Sohna Rural, Gurugram
21.7 Km
225000 / Year

G D Goenka High School


  • School Type : Day cum Boarding
  • Board : ICSE
  • Type of School : Co-Ed School
  • Grade Upto : Class 8
  • Establishment Year : 2020
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List of Top and Best Schools in Gurgaon

Exhaustive list of Top and best Schools in Gurgaon by Locality, Board, affiliation and Medium of instruction. Find school fees, admission details and school infrastructure and reviews for all schools in Gurgaon and nearby. Edustoke has organised the school based on their popularity in the Gurgaon city as well as affiliation to boards likeCBSE , ICSE ,International Board , International Baccalaureate and state board schools

Schools List in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, lying in the state of Haryana, is a part of national capital territory. Being a hub of Information technology in India the city is also home to top and best schools in the NCR. The city is seeing quite a bit of urban and suburban population and infrastructure growth and there has been a continuous rise in demand for good schooling facilities in Gurgaon. Edustoke aims to make the school search by parents hassle free by providing all relevant information at one place.

Gurgaon Schools Search Made Easy

Now as a parent you do not have to physically scout the schools on Gurgaon, check all the information like admission process, fee details, get admission forms etc.  At Edustoke every information related to any school in Gurgaon is readily available. With all details you can take an informed decision regarding which schools you want to apply for your kids admission besides being guided by Edustoke experts in school selection process.

List of Top Rated Gurgaon Schools

Edustoke has listed all schools in Gurgaon based on their infrastructure, teaching methodology, curriculum as well as their teachers quality as well. Besides you can see all schools listed by the precise locality in your neighbourhood which make school selection process easy. All the schools have also been classified by type of board like state board, CBSE or ICSE and boarding or international school.

Name, Address, Contact Details of Schools in Gurgaon

Edustoke verifies contact details like Name, address and phone numbers of each School in Gurgaon so that the parents have authentic information. Besides here you can read genuine reviews about all Gurgaon schools given by parents of wards actually studying in any particular school across Gurgaon.

School Education in Gurgaon

Bustling roads, shining tall sky scrapers, well planned residential complexes and the swagger which presents the 3rd highest per capita income in the country. This is Gurgaon, better known as Gurugram. Gurugram is the IT and the industrial hub which offers various career opportunities to a wide variety of employees. Be it automobile or the software professionals; this Satellite city of Delhi has goodies for everyone. Located at a very convenient proximity to the capital of India, Gurugram has excelled in through years by contributing a visible share towards economical growth of the country. A big chunk out of the 300 Fortune companies have their local addresses located in this IT biggie which draws the attention of many career seekers to shift their base to Gurugram for a prospective career growth.

More the families shift, more becomes the number of children who would come with their families giving way to the equally big number of educational institutions setting up the platforms for a better tomorrow. Schools offering CBSE and ICSE boards are in abundant number in many sectors and areas of Gurugram offering competitive facilities and faculties for the children's excellence. International schools and boarding schools are also present in a good number in the city providing extensive options for the parents.

As far as the higher studies are concerned, Gurugram has been highlighted with some real good pearls in the field of education with some great universities and research institutes to its credit. NBRC, ITM, Amity and KR Mangalam universities are few of them which offer unparalleled academic excellence catering to all those students who seek admission in applied sciences, engineering, art, law or management studies.

Gurugram is well equipped as far as infrastructure and transport facilities are concerned. The pilot project of "Pod Taxis" in India is expected to get its debut through Gurugram which reflects the city's elevated economic progress. The vicinity to Delhi, the beckoning Business Tech parks and the elite real estate has paved way for many families to build a strong livelihood in the city which has laid a strong foundation for educating the city's student crowd with its varied choice of opportunities.

Online Search, Selection & Admissions to Boarding and Residential Schools in India

Discover over 1000 Boarding & Residential schools in India. No Need to meet any agent or visit school expo. Search the Best Boarding schools using location, fees, reviews, facilities, Sports Infrastructure, Results, Boarding Options, Food & more. Select from Boys Boarding Schools, Girls Boarding Schools, Popular Boarding schools, CBSE Boarding Schools, ICSE Boarding School, International Boarding Schools or Gurukul Boarding Schools. Find from popular locations like Dehradun Boarding Schools, Mussorie Boarding Schools, Bangalore Boarding Schools, Panchgani boarding school, Darjeeling boarding schools & Ooty Boarding schools. Apply online & pay registration Fee Online. Seek admissions information online for popular schools like St.Paul’s Darjeeling, Assam Vallye School, Doon Global School, Mussorie International School, Ecole Global School & more.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Can I visit Boarding School in Gurugram before admission of my kids?

Yes you can. In fact, you must. Unlike a day school, your child would live in the boarding school and any parent would want to make sure that their child in a safe secure hygienic and comfortable place which would be instrumental in his mental and physical development.

2. How much do boarding schools cost in Gurugram?

Annual fee range, for boarding schools, is very wide. Privately run and managed boarding can have an annual fee for junior class (grade 5 or less) as low as 1 lakh per annum and goes all way to 20 lakhs per annum. Besides annual fee, there are additional costs such as travel and other expenses, which again vary enormously from school to school. A school with a fee of 1 Lakh per annum, generally, can provide only very basic boarding lodging facilities. At the other end schools charging 10 Lakhs and above usually provide the best possible boarding and lodging facilities, usually multiple curriculum choices and a very wide variety of sports. However, we should be mention that annual fee is not necessarily a good indicator of school's overall quality (it is only a reasonable indicator of infrastructure provided). It is however reasonable to expect that, with good boarding and lodging ample sports facilities and good teachers a school would have to charge somewhere between 4 to 8 lakhs to meet all expenses.

3. Which is the best boarding school in Gurugram?

There are several institutions that can lay claim to that title and there would be no name or list of the best which cannot be contested, and spark debate or controversy. Many ranking and awards that have come up lately (and more get added to the list each year) which publish raking across multiple categories (and categories also increase every year to accommodate more and more schools) which offer some insights, however there no neutral independent entity with no commercial relations with schools that exists to definitely pass best and worst school judgement with any objectivity.

While we all agree that some schools do a better job than others, in India, which has 1500+ boarding schools, finding the best one could across all parameters would not only be very difficult it may be impossible. So each set of parents have to find the best one which suits their needs and aspirations. Some things that a parent must keep in mind:

i) Budget:

Don’t go overboard, there is little correlation between expense and output desired.

ii) Academic output:

Ask for past three years results if you want an academic rigorous environment.

iii) Look at infra in detail and objectively:

There are certain sports and activities which appear attractive on paper but have very little value practically.

4. What are the benefits of attending a boarding school in Gurugram?

Boarding schools offer some unique developmental opportunities not available in day schools to the same extent. Boarding school students invariably turn out to be more independent, more self-confident have better social skills. Children from diverse backgrounds living together in a boarding school, are exposed to much wider set experiences which community day schools rarely have. Boarding schools have a 24X7 curriculum which gives them ability to include far more activities and events in the school calendar leading to better overall development including leadership qualities. Sports and outdoor activities are an integral part of the day, something city day schools struggle to provide.


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