ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, ST JOSEPH PUBLIC SCHOOL, 3-5-781 & 781/A, Old MLA Quarters, KING KOTI ROAD, King Koti,Hyderguda, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 13945 2.37 KM From Gosha Mahal
(15 votes)
(15 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE & ISC
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade LKG - 12

Annual Fees ₹70,000

Expert Comment: St. Joseph's Public School, A. G. Palace, Malakpet is one of the prestigious institutions of St. Joseph's Education Society, 48 Aravindnagar, Domalguda, Hyderabad. St. Joseph's education Society was registered in the year 1971 and runs various educational institutions. Affiliated to Council for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The school believes in the overall development of all its students and provides them with ample opportunities to exhibit their talents and pursue their hobbies. The infrastructural amenities exceed expectations for the learning requirements of the students with highly equipped laboratories and libraries. The school has a striking balance among extracurricular activities, the academic learning and other interests of the student in cultural events or sports. ... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, NASR  Girls School, 6-2-905, Khairatabad, Lane Opposite Icici Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana, Khairatabad, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 9024 3.65 KM From Gosha Mahal
(7 votes)
(7 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE & ISC
Type of school Gender Girls School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 10

Annual Fees ₹1,60,000

Expert Comment: The school strives for excellence by moulding students to become lifelong learners. This will enable them to become self-directed, realistic and responsible decision makers in this multicultural, ever changing world. Nasr School is affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) from Nursery to Class XII, while offering Indian Certificate School Examination (ICSE) in class X and Indian Secondary Certificate (ISC) in class XII. The school is well-known for its thoroughly planned curriculum adhering to the theoretical and practical strategies assigned with the board. The school focuses on not just academics but also instilling values which make them better leaders and professionals. ... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, Sri Aurobindo International School, 2-2-4/1, Sri Aurobindo Marg,O.U.Road, Vidyanagar, Vidya Nagar,Adikmet, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 6163 5.72 KM From Gosha Mahal
(8 votes)
(8 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 12

Annual Fees ₹80,000

Expert Comment: Sri Aurobindo International School, Vidyanagar was founded in 1967, and is affiliated to ICSE. The school offers classes from LKG to class 12, however admissions are open based on vacancies. The school’s ideals are based on making the society and country equitably into a vibrant knowledge society. It provides physical, vital, mental and spiritual education. ... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, St. Georges Grammar School, Abids Road, Bogulkunta,Hyderguda, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 5248 1.66 KM From Gosha Mahal
(5 votes)
(5 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 12

Annual Fees ₹40,800

Expert Comment: St. George's Grammar School is an ICSE affiliated school that was founded way back in 1834. The school's heritage and history only complements its excellent education and holistic learning methodology. They have classes up to grade 10 and have student strength of 30 every class. The school offers quality education at an affordable fee structure.... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, Seventh day Adventist, 5-9-184, Chapel Rd, Brook Bond Colony, Abids, Chirag Ali Lane,Abids, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 4401 1.78 KM From Gosha Mahal
(6 votes)
(6 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 10

Annual Fees ₹25,000

Expert Comment: The Seventh-Day Adventist Schools are operated and managed by the South East India Union of Seventh-Day Adventists, (Dept. of Education), 197, G.S.T. Road, Vandalur, Chennai -48.The Seventh-Day Adventists are Protestant Christians who, as the name indicates, believe in the imminent Second Advent of Jesus Christ and keep the Seventh Day of the week as the Sabbath.Seventh Day Adventists are operating 6,720 Educational Institutions including 100 Universities and Colleges and 6,620 Schools all around the world. "The school has a number of facilities which support the holistic development of the students in academics along with extracurricular activities and sports. With highly professional teachers having expertise in their subjects and also having experience in child-care and child management, the school is peaking new heights of learning. ... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, NALANDA SCHOOL, Door No. 12-2-712,Nanal Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Kakatiya Nagar,Toli Chowki, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 3037 4.67 KM From Gosha Mahal
(7 votes)
(7 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board ICSE
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 10

Annual Fees ₹26,400

Expert Comment: Nalanda School is affiliated to the ICSE board. It was established in 1974. The school offers classes from nursery to class 10, with an average of 35 students in each class. It also has a well-equipped building, and facilities for efficient learning. The students are taught to be academically, socially and emotionally intelligent.... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, St. Theresa High School, Plot No 26, Arul colony ecil post, A S Rao Nagar,Arul Colony, Badi Chowdi,Kachiguda, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 2718 2.04 KM From Gosha Mahal

Expert Comment: St.Theresa High School is affiliated to ICSE and is co-educational. It is a Roman Catholic minority institution. The school was established in 1991. The school provides classes from KG to class X, with student strength of 35 per class. The school has well maintained facilities and focuses on the students’ holistic growth, making them socially, academically and emotionally intelligent.... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, SPRINGFIELDS KIDS, 11-2-557/18, AGHAPURA, AGHAPURA, AGHAPURA, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 2486 0.93 KM From Gosha Mahal
(8 votes)
(8 votes) Day School
School Type School Type Day School
School Board Board CBSE, ICSE
Type of school Gender Co-Ed School
Grade Upto Grade Nursery - 10

Annual Fees ₹27,000

Expert Comment: Springfields High School was launched on 19th March 2017. It is a Coeducational Day School, secular in character. Admissions are open to all irrespective of class, creed or community. Educating a child means nurturing a life. It is a delicate responsible task, and calls for sensitive understanding, gentle discipline and interactive tutoring to groom children into sensitive & logical human beings. We aim to provide education for life and equip the students with knowledge, skills, pragmatism and values to face the challenges of ever changing global world and emerge as leaders of tomorrow in a balanced harmonious way. Pioneer in Multiple Intelligence & Brain compatible learning, Springfields High School with CBSE Curriculum at Bandlaguda with sprawling Grounds has Infrastructure of High school standards and a wide array of facilities.... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, GAUTAMI TALENT SCHOOL, Plot No. 17A, Opposite Srinivas Hospital, I S Sadan X Road, Santosh Nagar, New Santoshnagar,Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 2244 5.28 KM From Gosha Mahal

Expert Comment: Gautami Talent School in Santoshnagar aims at social, cultural and intellectual development of the pupils, guided by hardworking and passionate faculty. It is co-educational, with a new-age, balanced curriculum focusing on the joy of learning in a vibrant learning environment. ... Read more

ICSE Schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad, RELIANCE GRAMMAR HIGH SCHOOL, Beside St. Ann's Hospital, A.R. NAGAR,, JAHANUMA, NAWAB SAHEB KUNTA, Jahanuma,Nawab Saheb Kunta, Hyderabad
Viewed By: 2257 4.65 KM From Gosha Mahal

Expert Comment: Reliance Grammar High School is affiliated to the ICSE board. The school provides classes from nursery to class X, with student strength of 35 per class. The school is big on effective teaching, and provides quality education at a reasonable fee structure.... Read more

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ICSE Schools in Hyderabad:

The City of Pearls and the Nest of Nawabs - this beautiful city of South India is well known for its celebrated cultural heritage and the increasing IT industry. Get the best out of Hyderabad through Edustoke. Edustoke brings to you all the vital details about the top schools ICSE schools in Hyderabad which are truly based on your requirements. Get your personalized list for your child now!

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The capital of Telangana state and the 4th most populous city which is a major IT hub of the country too - Hyderabad it is! Looking out for the best schools for your child in Hyderabad? Then Edustoke it is! Edustoke is your answer to find the Top ICSE schools in Hyderabad. Come; register now to get the personalized details of all those preferred schools you desire.

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The drapes of Kalamkari and the steps of the beautiful Kuchipudi dancers literally beautify this city of beauty. Hyder stands for beautiful. Hayderbad means the beautiful city. This beautiful city has equally beautiful schools which are all set to give your children thebest future you have dreamt of. Click Edustoke for the perfectly compiled list of the best ICSE schools in Hyderabad. Register now!

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Get a complete list of all Schools in Hyderabad City segregated by locality, school affiliation like CBSE ,ICSE ,State Board ,International Board and International Baccalaureate schools .The exhaustive list of Hyderabad schools is authentic with detailed reviews from parents regarding school amenities and teaching staff. Also find information about Chennai School Fee details, admission process and admission form details.

School List in Hyderabad

The capital city of Telangana state, Hyderabad, is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in India and the city is known for IT industries as well as the cultural footprints alike. The Twin city of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, is also a big urban conglomeration. The city of Pearls is home to many medieval architectural marvels as well. The city has considerable migrant population as well as both from within Indian and International also.  Owing to a large number of schools in Hyderabad, its very tough to find the right schools for their kids in Hyderabad.

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Edustoke compilation of schools in Hyderabad helps parents identify the top rated in any Hyderabad locality. Parents can see details like fees, admission process and forms as well as medium of instructions in Hyderabad schools in each of the localities they desire. Further they can filter by school affiliation like CBSE or ICSE and also have an authentic information about school infrastructure as well.

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Here you find an authentic list of Name, address and contact details of Hyderabad Schools together with distance from the location of your residence so as to enable you to search within a particular area. For help in admission to any schools in Hyderabad parents can get help of Edustoke which helps in the process in end to ned manner.

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The royal land of Nawabs and the Shahi Kababs, the pretty destination for precious pearls with a charming backdrop of the world famous Charminar! Here's what you get...Hyderabad! This Telangana capital has attracted many tourists for its grandeur and its splendour; be it the beckoning Biriyani or the Hyderabadi Haleem, the city has lot to propose as its kind gesture to those who visit the this heritage destination. As the name suggests "Hyder-abad" is named after a beautiful courtesan who must be stunningly beautiful, just like the city itself.

Hyderabad is making a mark in the field of IT, giving a tough competition for some IT biggies like Bangalore and Chennai by winning over companies like Microsoft and Google as they have chosen the "THE" Hyderabad as their headquarters of India. This acted as a key impact on the city's economical makeup as more and more people are now shifting their bases to Hyderabad or its twin city Secunderabad, as their destination to dream.

Hyderabad has a great number of educational institutions packed with utmost goodness which guarantees a satisfying experience of schooling. A visionary par excellence - Jiddu Krishnamurthy has founded many schools following his principles of education which includes global outlook, humanitarian and religious spirit with a scientific temper. Hyderabad also is studded with some jubilant stars which cater to the needs of CBSE, ICSE and SSC board day schools and also comprises few residential schools for its credit. The city also presents the International Baccalaureate program which is offered by only a handful of institutions in India.

Hyderabad is a house for an enormous array of research and educational institutions, for which the Telangana government should definitely get a pat on the back. Osmania University, BITS Pilani-Hyderabad, JNTU, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Hyderabad and so on are the most celebrated universities which gave birth to the most sought-after alumni of the country. Hyderabad has thus etched its name in gold in the books of glory for education in India

Not restricting it to just the main streams of science, Hyderabad welcomes the students with varied choice with open arms by presenting them with ample other branches for "Passionate Professionals". Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Indian School of Business, English and Foreign Languages University, National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Academy of Construction could be the leading names that a local Hyderabi would take when asked about some nice places for niche studies.

The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences and National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, encourage the country's future medical professionals to come out with shining and flying colors with a credit of getting their degrees from these esteemed universities. So for Hyderabad, "Education" is not just a word, as the latest trend goes... it's an "Emotion"! The next time you are at this amazingly smart edu-joint of India, try to visit the above amazing institutions and universities, which would definitely prove to be a sail on an Educational Cruise.

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Council for India School Certificate Examination was setup in 1958 as a replacement of the foreign Cambridge School Certificate Examination. Since then it has become one of the most prominent national board of school education in India. It conducts the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and the Indian School Certificate examinations for Class X and Class XII respectively. In the year 2018 about 1.8 Lakhs students appeared in ICSE exams and nearly 73 thousand in ISC exams. Over 2000 schools are affiliated to CISCE, with some of the most prestigious schools such as The Shriram School, The Cathedral & John Connon School, Campion School, St. Paul’s School Darjeeling, St. George’s School Mussorie, Bishop Cotton Shimla, Rishi Valley School Chitoor, Sherwood College Nainital, The Lawrence School, The Assam Valley Schools and many more. Some of the Oldest & more Prestigious schools in India have ICSE curriculum.

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Still visiting individual schools to enquire about forms, fees, results , facilities & admissions start dates. Sit back & let Edustoke help you online with it. Find Best & Top Schools near you or in your locality, Compare schools, Fees, Reviews, Results, Contact Information, Entry Age, Admission Details, Facilities, Online Applications & more. Find details of Delhi Public School (DPS) , DAV, National Public School(NPS), GD Goenka, CBSE School, ICSE School, International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools or IGCSE Schools. Never miss applying to a school with Edustoke's Unique Virtual Admission Assistant which notifies you of every shortlisted school's admission start dates as soon as they are announced.

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The admission process is different in all the schools. Usually, you fill out an application form, submit documents, and may require to attend an interview and entrance test before finalising a seat.

Every school’s fee is different as per their policies. Mostly the fee is connected to the facilities offered by the schools. Better check the particular school’s website, or visit Edustoke.com.

The ICSE schools in Gosha Mahal, Hyderabad offer many activities to enhance the overall development of students. Some school activities include sports, the arts, robotic clubs, and social services.

Many schools offer transportation such as a van or bus according to the requirements. Parents are advised to enquire about the availability of the service to the particular area before admission.

Some benefits include focusing on academic and co-curricular activities, a well-structured curriculum, national-level recognitions, and easy transition all over India.