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Colonel Brown Cambridge School for Indian Boys was founded in March 1926, by Col.and Mrs. W.Brown, for Indian boys. It is an English Medium Residential School and is open to all boys irrespective of caste, creed or social status. The school ranks high amongst educational Institutions in India. It attracts students not only from all parts of India, but also from parents living abroad.


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Fee Details

Fee Structure - Indian Nationals
  • Admission Application Fee: ₹ 4,500
  • Security Deposit : ₹ 20,000
  • Yearly Fees : ₹ 527,000
Fee Structure - International Students
Building and Infrastructure

It is to MR. Abhai Singhs credit that he modernised living facilities for the boys and staff alike, restructured the Dining Hall, constructed new and better hostels like Ireland House, Patel House, Col.House, White House, Kitchner Block, McIntosh House. A hot water bath straight from the geysers in the spacious bathrooms, equally well ventilated dorms, resounding with music from audio decks further heightens the spirit of the boys. They relax after the bath watching their favorite serials on television or enjoy a game of carom in the union room under the tender care and supervision of the Matrons / Housemasters. The boys according to their age groups are comfortably settled in the ten hostels. Dick House A substantial two storied building capable of accommodating about 75 boys. A Matron is incharge of the place. Sylverton A commodious bungalow in a spacious compound. 25 boys live here under the supervision of a House Master. McIntosh House A new dormitory to accommodate 60 boys. Kitchener Block adjacent to the above to accommodate 60 boys. Long ford House The House is divided into large airy rooms which accommodates about 50 boys. Ireland House It has a large dormitory and a common room to accommodate 60 boys. White House This House has large dormitories and a common room to accommodate 60 boys. Colonels House A new dormitory to accommodate 60 boys. The youngest boys live here under the supervision of a Matron. Patel House A new hostel with a common room accommodates 50 boys. India House The House was built in 1939, and has 30 rooms, each with a dressing room and a study attached.

Boarding / Residential Facilities
  • Details of dinning facilities

    Dining Hall: The school has its own bakery and both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food is served. Every effort is made to meet the special requirements of boys as regards food. Neither beef nor pork is allowed to enter the school premises. The Mess caters to both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian needs. It is run in two shifts in order to provide enough gap between the junior and senior meals. The food provided is ample in quantity, of the very purest quality, and the diet is well balanced. Strict cleanliness in its preparation is enforced. Boys get three substantial meals daily, in addition to Chota Hazri and afternoon Tea.

Admission Details

  • Admission Start Month: October
  • Online Admission : Yes
Admission Process

Registratin start from October

Other Key Information

  • Establishment Year : 1926
  • Entry Age : 5Years
  • Seats at entry level class : 30
  • Total Student Strength as on date : 225
  • Student Teacher Ratio : 8:1
  • Language of Instruction : English
  • AC Campus : No
  • CCTV Surveillance : Yes
  • Number of International students : 10
  • Grade From : Class 1
  • Grade To : Class 12

Badminton Basketball Lawn Tennis Cricket Football Hockey Swimming Pool

Carrom Board Chess Table Tennis

    Performing Arts
  • Dance Music

Hospital/ Infirmary: The well being of the child is of foremost importance at CBS. The hospital has a resident nurse. A doctor visits the school for regular check-ups and keeps the health record of a child. A counselor is also a part of enhancing mental outlook and health of the students. The counselor ensures confidentiality and is equipped to cater to the childs psychological and emotional needs by providing guidance through individual and collaborative discussions. As an ongoing process, workshops are conducted with discussions on Psychological Aspects of Life and Freedom of the Inner Self. Such workshops are an affirmation to push ones limits, make a paradigm shift in ones thoughts, follow directions and pursue sincere efforts in life and ultimately a test of agility, power and strength of mind over body.



Performing Arts: Learning is the quest for truth and the means to express it. Theatre and performing arts are the means and the avenues. Verbal expression is the first miracle of creative expression and it is also the most intimate of all. When scholars develop the confidence and begin to express their inner feelings verbally, the quest for the truth becomes deeper and richer. The key is for scholars to learn that true expression is not repetition from memory, but feeling, thinking and perceiving the nuances, and then crafting those feelings, thoughts and perceptions into their own original and unique way of speaking and communicating. Visual Arts: The visual arts sessions are structured to maintain a balance between making art and observing art, responding to art and transforming to art which includes various forms like: Clay Construction Digital Art Drawing Fabric and Fibre Paint and Colour Performance Art Print.MusicMusic (vocal and instrumental). They are also given adequate time to pursue an instrument of their choice - guitar, drums, synthesizer, piano, tabla, violin, harmonium, sitar etc.


As they grow the school ensures that their curriculum is upgraded accordingly. Special training regimes are individually developed by highly qualified and experienced instructors keeping in view the ability, talent and the potential of every child. We offer opportunities for international exposure through overseas sports exchanges and by inviting foreign teams to the campus. Regular campus visits by eminent sports personalities for interactive sessions are planned with a view to motivate scholars through interaction with their role models. The following sports and games are offered: Athletics Chess Cricket Football Gymnastics Martial Arts Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Yoga


Swimming pool: The swimming pool inaugurated in 2018 has added to the range of facilities already provided to the students. It has become one of the major choices of students when they wish to get involved In water sports or sometimes even for leisure. Tennis Court: The tennis court silhouetted along the front borderline of the recreation area adds to the grandeur of the campus. Under the guidance and training, students can pursue tennis game as a hobby or even undergo a specialized training by the instructor.



Academic Performance | Grade X | ICSE
Academic Performance | Grade XII | ISC

Travel Information

Nearest Airport
  • Dehradun Airport
  • Distance : 30 Km.
Nearest Railway Station
  • Railway Station Dehradun
  • Distance : 4 Km.

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