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Best Preschools, Nursery & Play Schools in Alandi Markal Road, Pune

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Early education programmes do not just focus on the child’s learning environment, but also emphasizes your child’s literacy, social, emotional, and physical development by laying the foundation.
Thus the best preschool, playschool, daycare and creche in Alandi Markal Road keep it in mind to create a child friendly environment. Edustoke believes that early childhood education also supports the upbringing of actual morals and encourages values and life skills among children. It guides children to think with the goal of creating opportunities for them to excel in a safe, secured, clean and nurturing environment. Thus here at Edustoke parents can find the best preschool, playschool, daycare and creche in Alandi Markal Road.
Preschool defines this first week as the Settling Period. During this phase parent accompanies the child to the Pre School playschool, daycare or creche in the Alandi Markal Road so that the team gets a good understanding of the basic schedule. Aspects like behavior of the child, likes, dislikes, food habits, food allergies if any, from anything to everything that ensures a comfortable stay for him/her at the Pre School. This process is smoothly handled by the Preschool team who are well trained and are experts doing this every day. Edustoke ensures parents have an easy time going through the admission process by helping them at each step.


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