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The Indus Early Years Programme emphasises transdisciplinary education through an inquiry-based approach to learning. The curriculum encourages children to ask questions, plan investigations, explore various outcomes, and reach credible and logical conclusions, with teachers as facilitators. We provide a curriculum which is engaging, exciting, challenging, and relevant to children. Using higher order thinking skills helps children analyze, synthesize and understand what they learn, while enhancing their ability to transfer competencies and skills. The IELC curriculum is organized into five areas of learning: Language Development Concentrating on the basics of oral communication speaking and listening, reading and comprehending simple texts and encouraging writing skills, this area of learning helps children stay ahead of the curve by giving them the edge to start writing and reading voraciously. Numeracy This area helps children develop their skills in logical operations, like counting, sorting, matching, creating patterns, problem-solving and working with shapes and measures. We help them build a strong mathematical foundation through practical tasks, stories, songs, games and imaginative plays. We also help children to understand how mathematics can be applied in real life. Science and Social Studies (Inquiry Units) Children are inquisitive by birth. Every day, they are exposed to a whole range of sights and sounds, which stimulates curiosity in them. We help them develop crucial knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them, and learn from life itself. Personal, Social and Physical Education To become true leaders, children learn to strive for success through all-round development of their personal, social, emotional and physical selves. This provides them with an excellent opportunity to succeed in all areas of learning. Creative Arts Learning the arts helps children experience a unique integration of the body and mind. We therefore encourage children to indulge in and appreciate different forms of creative expressions like art, music, dance and role play. What makes us unique? "Great leaders are made, not born" The central idea of the School is based on the concept of ‘Leadership’, that focuses on the child’s mind, body and spirit. Our leadership programme is centred around certain “Keys to Leadership” which include aspects like, Lifelong learning, Values, Communication, Innovation and Thinking. These Keys are promoted through experiential learning at the Indus Early Learning Centre "We are a School and not just a pre-school" New scientific insights in cognitive science establish that young children know and learn about the world like adults. Children are not born as blank slates; even babies and young children think, observe, and reason. They are scientists in the crib! Consequently, their learning journey can start much earlier. The IELC will follow an international curriculum of high repute to exploit the “critical windows” of learning. Through this curriculum, children will develop understanding, gain relevant knowledge, acquire necessary skills and cultivate positive attitudes. "We develop talent" Man is not born with talent because talent is a process. We provide myriad activities and opportunities for students to discover and develop their talents, especially in the areas of Music, Kinaesthesia, Multiple Languages, Creativity and Mathematics. Apart from skill-building, this helps children become active learners, well-rounded and engaged individuals, and contributes to the success of their academic achievements later on. "Application of Neuro genetic findings" Children are born with nine windows of learning through which their brains absorb information. There is a critical period to develop each ‘window of learning’ and we use information and implement it in our programme. "Strong parental involvement" We believe in establishing a close partnership with parents . A well-structured parental participation programme supports the school, strengthens families and increases student achievement and success. The Parent Advisory Committee provides an opportunity for Indus parents to share their ideas and concerns, provide ongoing communication between parents and the management, and collaborate on school initiatives.


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Key Information

    • CCTV : Yes
    • AC Classes : Yes
    • Entry Age : 1Years
    • Total Students Strength : 71
    • Meals : Yes
    • Day Care : No
    • Student Teacher Ratio : 1:15
    • Transportation : Yes
    • Outdoor Sports : Yes
    • Minimum Age : 1Years
    • Maximum Age : 6Years

Fee Details

Fee Structure
  • Annual Fees: ₹ 70000

Admission Details

  • Admission Start Month : 17 June
Admission Process

Admissions available all year round - provided there are seats available


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